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Deadly Disruption (Jebediah Colton Book 2)

Two young men, recent college graduates and “would be” entrepreneurs, are brutally murdered on a sailing yacht moored in a marina on the Puget Sound.  The victims had been accepted into a manufacturing accelerator in Seattle to develop a potential “industry disruptor” water monitoring device for commercialization. One of the men was the boyfriend of Kentucky Detective Jebediah Colton’s daughter.

Jebediah calls in favors and ultimately travels to Seattle to assist on the investigation with Seattle Police Detective Tuan Nyugen, an ex Silicon Valley Security expert and cyber crime specialist. Jebediah also recruits his friend, Detective Claire Maxey from Ohio, to help with the case where the boys’ startup journey began in a Cincinnati business accelerator. Difficulties identifying motives and suspects, along with strong emotional attachments to the victims, create daunting challenges for the investigative team. Time is of the essence as they navigate the rapidly expanding, globally connected ecosystem for technology startups and the hidden agendas of major stakeholders.


Who Killed Gunther Dunkel?  (Jebediah Colton Book 1)

A wealthy CEO of a Cincinnati fashion company is found dead in his car along a remote stretch of highway in eastern Kentucky.  Seasoned Detective Jebediah Colton from Kentucky must team up with smart but inexperienced Detective Claire Maxey from Ohio, to solve this high profile case that takes them away from their normal duties and sends them to Virginia, New York, Boston and Toronto.  As the investigation unfolds, detectives Colton and Maxey enter into the uncompromising world of fashion retail, private equity and global manufacturing.  Through twists and turns, they uncover a profusion of secrets, and unmistakable corruption and infidelity. 

The story moves quickly and paints a realistic picture of the many temptations of conducting trade with China.  It also casts a light on the negative consequences of private equity firms taking control of struggling businesses.  The more Jebediah and Claire learn of Gunther Dunkel's ambiguous persona, the more suspects they uncover who have motive for murder.


Fledgling Crow

The soldiers are coming ​​home to one of the country's deepest recessions.  The unemployment rate is double digits.  Unrest and demonstrations are rampant in every major U.S. city.  It's the summer of 1973 and the Viet Nam War is coming to an end while the Watergate presidential scandal is just getting started.  Against this back drop, six year old CeCe lives with her grandmother and older brother Liam on a small farm outside of Seattle while her widowed father is on the other side of the world helping to pioneer global air travel.  The isolated farm has not been modernized since the nineteen fifties.  Daily life with Grandma Grace stands in stark contrast to the turbulence of the times and the amazing breakthroughs of the American aviation and space industries.

CeCe and her brother rescue a fledgling crow from feral cats and Blackie the Crow becomes the most amazing pet as they learn to care for him.  Like the fledgling crow, CeCe is surrounded by extended family and friends who help care for her while she struggles to learn about the mother she never knew and to understand why her WWII War Hero father is so distant.  A veteran from a different war - the Vietnam War - crosses paths with Ce Ce that summer to change her life forever.

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 Writing has long been a hobby of mine, but only recently have I published some of my fiction. My journey into becoming a published author has been both awe-inspiring and scary. I never really thought about how personal it is to share your creative prose with strangers, and how vulnerable it makes you feel. I want to thank all of my readers who have offered their thoughts and encouragement to help me grow as a writer, and to give my characters more depth and textured lives. 

I hope you enjoy reading my books!

 Marian James

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  MARIAN JAMES grew up in Seattle, Denver and the San Francisco Bay Area before settling in northern Kentucky as an adult. She holds a BS in Engineering from Stanford University and a Masters in Education from Xavier University in Cincinnati, and has been a product designer, marketer and business woman for over thirty years. She’s had the opportunity to travel the world for her career, and has met all kinds of fascinating people who have inspired and motivated her to take risks and pursue her dreams.  

 “Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once.” –Stephen King 


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